Top 5 Destination for expat living……from an expat

This analysis is based on average salary,quality of life,job security,ease of paperwork,government interest on expats and whether it is really worth to be an expat in this country


No 1 Australia:  This is one of the best country to work as it is  english speaking,house rentals are reasonable, cars are cheap and the best thing an expat wants when he moves base is WLB(Work Life Balance) there is much more a person can do than just work in Australia it has great beaches eateries and a very stable government.Drawback:High Govt Taxes


No 2 Singapore:   I put this at number two cause I am in Singapore for almost 5 years now. You must be wondering why is Singapore not number 1 it is centrally located, taxes are low ,english speaking, high salary for expats, reasonable WLB, great food,cleanest city in the world ,supportive government for expats yes it should be No1 for expats but there is a drawback:rentals are high and cars are unaffordable so even if you are doing well here cost of living is high and yes it is a no country for old men so prepare to go back else work all your life


No 3 Canada:   While expats may bare their fair share of insults when they first tell friends they’re moving to Canada (it’s often thought of as a place where very little happens), in reality, you’ll likely have the last laugh. The nation may be best known for Mounties, maple syrup and hockey, but it’s the country’s exemplary social programmes, wide open spaces and resilient economy that truly make it notable. Canada is simply huge in scope. It’s the second largest country in the world, occupying a vast northern corner of the earth, and is an enormous expat destination attracting immigrants from every crevice of the globe. The country was built by foreigners and, thus far, it remains a place that hasn’t turned its back on those from abroad. In fact, it claims one of the highest per capita immigration rates in the world,  Only Drawback is the extreme weather condition

No 4  Germany:  Germany is a sought-after expat destination with its powerful economy, international business hubs and high quality of life. A large expat community adds to centuries of German history and culture, making this destination both uniquely German and familiar to expats from around the globe. Expats in Germany can enjoy good schools as well as well-run and efficient infrastructure, public transportation and healthcare.One of the hurdles is the immigration rules which have tightened in order to protect German jobs. However, large industry sectors are in dire need of skilled employees and the government actively courts qualified workers from around the world as Germany emerges as a technology and science hub. Many other industries with household names and international offices have headquarters in Germany.

cayman island

No 5 Cayman Island: You probably know the nation as a tax haven, but the Cayman Islands are ranked by expatriates as the friendliest nation in the world. As a major financial center, it’s easy to manage your finances here, and 70 percent of expats say they enjoy a better quality of life than in their home countries. Available jobs range from banking, accounting and finance to hospitality and teaching. Once here, about 44 percent of expats move their retirement assets into the country.(Source for Cayman Island CBS news)

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